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 The series is conceived as a new approach to the leitmotiv of 'beauty of solitude' bringing together inspiration from the Japonism movement from the 19th century as well as the essay 'In Praise of Shadows', a book from 1933 on Japanese aesthetics by the Japanese author Jun'ichiro Tanizaki. The series pays homage to the oeuvre of Belgian surrealist icon Paul Delvaux, an artist who has hugely influenced David's photography.

The series is a composition of 5 different themes that are centered around one person.


The series features 5 truly incredible models: 

Ulrike Panjaer, Cassandra Marloye, Ilona Arena, Ekaterina Epifantseva, and Clothilde Hacourt.

Huge appreciation and thanks to Wue and PV for the unique Japanese kimonos in the different tones of red.

 A new Day's dawning, the Whispers are not hers to share

Featuring Ulrike Panjaer

Location: Palais de Justice, Brussels (Belgium)

What Star am I circling, what's circling Me?

Featuring Cassandra Marloye

Location: Place Poelaert, Brussels (Belgium)

The Silence is not hers to Share

Featuring Ilona Arena

Location: Rue de Ligne, Brussels (Belgium)

Out of Reach, but leading me, into the beautiful Sea 

Featuring Ekaterina Epifantseva

Location: Dunes and beach, Ostend (Belgium)

Me I imagine places, that I have never seen

Featuring Clothilde Hacourt

Location: Grain field, Louvain (Belgium)