"Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”

I am working as a professional photographer with a clear focus on portrait, fashion, street, and fine art photography.


Photography is my way of dealing with the world, people, stories, places, experiences. essentially it is a therapeutic activity that helps him to survive in a complex world, that is hard to comprehend. Moments of wonder and understanding are what sustain me in dealing with daily life.


Graduated with a Master in Archaeology, and having followed the post-graduate program of social and cultural anthropology, people play a crucial role in my work.


In my street and fine artwork, my own relentless struggle and exploration of boundaries, limitations, doubts, obligations, alienation, and solitude play a key role.


The concept of 'beauty of solitude' runs like a thread through my oeuvre as well as my exploration of diversity in the manifestations of beauty.


His inspiration is derived from Japanese literature and arts, 20th century Hollywood film-noir movies, Italian and French cinema, paintings (renaissance, Belgian surrealism, pop-art, pre-raphaelites), music, and books.

'David is concentrating on making layered compositions with excellent use of the frame and the needed poetry and attention to details which enhance the narrative. I feel a loneliness when I look at the work but I also feel an unexplainable sense of warmth.'
Review of David's work by lensculture

Recent Photo Awards:

-Monochrome Photography Awards 2021 Third Place Winner in the category 'Nude' for the series 'Submerged in the Blurry Blue Night', a portraiture series centered around the bathing ritual, approached from a still-life perspective. 

-Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021 Bronze Winner for the series 'La Promeneuse', in category 'Fine Arts/Special Effects', featuring Belgian model Elissa, inspired by Belgian surrealists Magritte and Delvaux, paying homage to the hidden beauty of Brussels

-New York Photography 2021 Silver Winner in category 'Fine Arts/Nudes' for the bathing series 'Stray Siren on a Clear Day, featuring Chinese model Qian Zhao

-Moscow Foto Awards 2021 Winner in categories 'People-Portrait' and 'People-Culture' for the series 'Cry Me A River', series that portrays the Flemish graphical artist Annemieke Van Barlingen

-Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020 Winner in category 'People-Portrait' with series 'The One Who Fell From Grace With The Sea', still life portraits of a woman bathing in milk

-Moscow Foto Awards 2020 Honorable Mention in the category 'People-Life Style' for 'Dancer in the Dark', portrayal of French movement explorer Luna Ananda in old the docklands of Amsterdam

-Moscow Foto Awards 2019 Honorable Mention for 'In Praise of Bathing Shadows'

-Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019 Winner in category 'Portfolio-Fine Art' with series 'La Vedova Siciliana' (portraits of a widow)

-Selection Finals Siena International Photo Awards 2019 both for ‘3 moons’ (street photography) as well as ‘In Praise of Bathing Shadows’ in category ‘storytelling’ 

-Monochrome Awards 2018 2nd Prize Professional Street Photography for Trinity (street photography on trinity)

-Monochrome Awards 2018 Honorable Mention for On the Verge of a New Beginning (portrait of street youth)

-Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018 Honorable Mention for Reflections (photojournalism on drugs)

-International Photography Awards 2018 Honorable Mention for Mirroring Beauty (portraits of people with dementia)

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