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Donate Your Face

In "Donate Your Face" image and text are combined to contribute to the awareness of the taboo and the discrimination that people with HIV still face. Eleven people with HIV share their personal stories about HIV and the stigma and 'donate' their faces to reinforce their message about HIV. The result of the project was supported by Sensoa. Thanks to the 11 donors Dylan, Hans, Inge, Jonathan, Melissa, Patrick, Stéphanie, Sven, Wendy, and Wimx2. Due to the big format of the photos the text is best readable when downloading the files, this can be done by clicking on an image and then on the 'download' icon in the upper left corner.

In December 2021, portraits from the Donate Your Face series were on display in 26 Belgian railway stations and the Brussels metro for World Aids Day 2021.

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